Since 2009 I have participated in the Georgina Studio Tour and every year it gets better. You never know what the weather will be or if anyone will even show up but it never fails to be successful, in many ways beyond the idea of selling some of your hard hand made work.

For me it has become like hosting a great party. Oh sure, I get anxious about making the work, but it is also a time to organize the house and clean the studio. I have really enjoyed the last several years as Roland Peacock (a most fantastic wood carver and environmentalist) and Tod Waring (a talented metal artist) have joined me. We have a chance to chat about our work, share ideas and laugh.

I mostly enjoy watching as people interface with my work, ask questions and of course I have the opportunity to gain valuable feedback. When you talk about your work you gain good insight into your own thinking. It becomes an opportunity for yourself to increase your own understanding of what you are doing. I have been most fortunate to develop a loyal local following and I appreciate every year when they come to see me and our guest artists.

The business of the weekend can be exhausting. The making of the work, the promotion and all the final preparations are all worth while. It brings a great buzz around the community and on the Sunday night we gather with our local artist friends, talk about our success. It is never without having learned so much.

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