Last year we sold the big old family home and downsized in Toronto. The studio remains at Lake Simcoe. The whole process of preparing to sell, then selling, and moving consumed my life.

As fellow clay makers know, clay demands uninterrupted time. A hard thing to find in our lives. I do find breaking down the process into baby steps helps. Do one thing per day, even it is very very small to move your practice forward. So in the course of this year, while I wasn’t making pots I tried those other things to move it forward.

Retesting all the glazes always a great place to start.

I applied to exhibitions, was accepted into four and managed two awards. I took some workshops, went to both NCECA and the FUSION conferences, had a niece build a fantastic website – it all helps keep my spark alive. But for most potters it is the making and the firing that drives our passion.

Lastly I applied for the FUSION Mentorship!!! Yikes I got accepted into the Linda Sormin, GTA centered group. Oh my goodness careful what you wish for. Now the challenge really begins, the intention is to forge new directions and to strengthen the ones that currently work.

We just had our first meeting. It was exciting to meet such a diverse group and after a long day of powerpoints and critiquing we were left with one major challenge:

“Do something in your practice that is completely

different from anything you have done before”

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